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The World Peace Council with its members from around the world work together to create a world with happiness, love and understanding. The Council has always promoted and appreciated world peace promoters who have worked for fellow human beings and displayed the true meaning of humanity. Every member of the World Peace Council today works as a world peace promoter and spreads awareness amongst people to achieve the goals of the World Peace Council. Dr. Monson Mavunkal is one of the few Indians holding membership in the prestigious World Peace Council. He is a world- renowned cosmetic therapist trained at Singapore and a bio-wave cosmetics related institute in Germany. His world class team and cosmetics facility is Kerala based. Celebrities, media persons, socialites, political figures, cricketers and people from all walks of life, form our clientele. He has extensive experience in areas outside his academic and professional work. Being a visionary, he took interest in traveling and understanding different areas of human endeavor and ways to support the large underprivileged population. A multi-faceted personality with interest in health, healing, fusion of traditional medicines with modern treatment systems, cosmetology and theology, he took interest in social work from a young age, bringing up almost 200 children from their very childhood to young adults with happy married lives. His work and dedication have been seen and appreciated by several governments. He works with other world peace promoters to lend meaning to the work of the council by promoting world peace through multilateral efforts involving several key government bodies, think- tanks, foundations and so on. His skills at arbitration and negotiation will go a long way in aiding this goal.


Being a peace promoter, Mr. Monson Mavunkal is also a philanthropist with noble intentions to serve and contribute to a better future. Breaking stereotypes of the traditional Indian philanthropist, who donates for name and fame, Dr. Monson Mavunkal believes that none of the fingers of either hand knows what other fingers are doing. Setting an example for the coming generations, he is a self- effacing and innocuous person who reminds society that humanity is never dead. He is a dedicated cosmetologist working for the welfare and growth of the underprivileged. He is in constant venture to find ways to use his skill and knowledge to mould the coming generation into abled human beings. In such a venture he has studied the western type of philanthropy and has developed ways to bring long term benefits to society. These involve very regimented and highly planned charity fund management. For this he has plans to donate 90% of his wealth in a professionally planned way over the next 25 years. This will provide a continuous and proper help to the upbringing of the lost and lonely.


Mr. Monson Mavunkal holds honors in his academic life, knows the value of education and understands that it is important to spread awareness in society to educate future generations. Several sections of society are unaware of the benefits and luxury education can provide. Hence this is the prime focus of his community service activities. His understanding that education is the precursor to all developments in the nation lead him to the decision that it has to be nurtured and cared for at any cost. It is thus the responsibility of every affluent citizen along with the government to ensure that no child is denied the opportunity to enter the world of education. Dr. Monson Mavunkal has taken responsibility for this task and is contributing largely to ensure this in his home state, Kerala. He wants to carry this work to the rest of the country and dreams of an illiterate-free India before 2050.


The visionary in Mr. Monson Mavunkal works his magic on the society through his wise and motivational words. As a versatile person, he not only speaks on pre-planned subjects but at times on subjects which are demanding at the spur of a moment. This is possible because of his education, exposure, experience, knowledge, formal and informal academic and professional qualifications. He not only has the ability to make the crowd think but also to make humorous statements with instant repartee and anecdotes. His ability to adapt to any situation enables him to handle any sort of crowd and deliver his message in the most effective way possible. This bold, forthright and forthcoming person is loved by all, for his excellent spoken skills with people. He has planned to turn his struggle with the system over the past two decades into a highly charged motivator for the future generation. His forthcoming book is bound to help fulfill his noble intention in wider ways, displaying this legend of a personality. This way he can move more hearts into doing what they believe in without fearing failure. The book should be a reference of do's and don’ts of public life, forbearance, focused work and 'winners don't quit' attitude.